CEO’s Message: New Year Wishes for the Eujim Solutions Community.

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CEO’s Message: New Year Wishes for the Eujim Solutions Community.

Happy New Year, and best wishes for the year 2022!

First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for the love you showed us last year! Our efforts are important, but we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without your support. Your comments, feedback, ratings and reviews gave us the energy and motivation to do better every day. We pray and hope for  the same amount of love and support from you.

Our goal as Eujim Solutions in 2022 is fairly straightforward; we hope to take advantage of the positive results and combine them with our many new ideas to propel Eujim Solutions  forward. Before we get into the potential for 2022, let’s take a look at what we accomplished in 2021.

We hope that the year 2022 will be remembered as another significant turning point in our journey to power and empower the world with our innovative solutions.

Despite the unfavorable circumstances, Eujim Solutions has been able to put many developments into place.

  1. We managed to implement 2 Key innovations; E-Learning Platform and Shiriki(scheduled for launch)
  2. We expanded our services base to 8 services( Software Solutions, Digital Marketing, Training, Supplies, ICT Consultancy and Research and Data Analysis)
  3. As part of our CSR Programme, We offered hands-on training to 1229 youths on web design and digital opportunities like transcription.
  4. We connected 11 youths to direct employment and internship opportunities.
  5. we had to overcome every obstacle and worked hard  increase our revenue by 60% compared to the year 2019 by increasing our clientele and partnerships

In a summary, Eujim Solutions made a lot of progress in 2021, and there’s still a lot more to come!

Eujim Solutions Plans for New Year 2022.

Our plans for 2022 are  focused on the issues we haven’t addressed yet! Here are some of the most crucial aspects of our 2022 plans.

  1.  Launching our Eujim Academy, A hands-on training center and improving our  Existing training courses  in order to increase the likelihood of success.
  2. Working on our long-term goal of assisting our trainees in finding work.
  3. Expansion of our teams in order to provide fresh ideas and accomplishments.
  4. Dedicatedly implementing our CSR policy for the welfare of our society; Training over 11,000 youths through our CSR Programme
  5. Providing a better working environment for employees in order to promote personal development
  6. Observing our business values in order to deliver excellent results while maintaining integrity.
  7. Working with innovators to implement at least 3 of the already identified innovations


As we embark on a new adventure, I am delighted to send you my warmest greetings and best wishes for the year 2022!

Ombwayo Michael.

Chief Executive Officer

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