The Kenya Standard 1758 Portal

Kenya Standard 1758:2016 (KS 1758) is a code of practice for the horticulture industry in Kenya which stipulates the hygienic and safety requirements during the production, handling and marketing of flowers & Ornamentals, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. The standard is in two parts; Part 1-Floriculture and Part 2-Fruits and vegetables.

The standard applies to all operators in the horticulture value chain including but not limited, to breeders, propagators, producers, consolidators, traders, shippers, and cargo handlers for local, regional and international markets.

The Standard was developed in line with domestic and international protocols on food safety, workers health & safety, environment, and good agricultural practices. This is intended to enhance farm assurance systems, compliance to relevant laws of Kenya and strict adherence to safe use of chemicals.

The standard is administered by a secretariat hosted at AFA-Horticulture Crops Directorate. The Secretariat is drawn from industry stakeholders. The standard has implementation guidelines that define the rules for trainers, laboratories, inspectors, certification bodies participating in the implementation and conformity assessment of the KS 1758 standard.
Certification to the standard is achieved through accredited certification bodies. Operators are required to comply with the requirements of the standard at all times.

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