What Every Company Should Know About Email Security

You want to know what every company should know about email security? Email security is at the forefront of every online business, safeguarding all sensitive, company-specific information from hackers looking to exploit it. So, what kinds of malicious strategies do potential thieves use, can an email ever be truly “secure,” and what do Eujim Solutions do to protect its clients?



What Is Email Security, Anyway?

The subject of email security is broad. Simply put, email security prevents email-based cyberattacks, protects email accounts from unwanted entities, and secures email content.

It appears to be quite simple. Millions of businesses worldwide use email daily to discuss projects, stay in touch, share private information about employees or customers, and so on. The possibilities for email appear to be limitless, as do the methods for targeting emails. But isn’t email, by definition, secure?


You’re Not As Safe As You Think

Unfortunately, the security of your email account is only as good as the protection provided by your email provider. For example, the biggest names in an email, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, don’t even offer end-to-end message encryption. This means that any email sent from your regular Google account, for example, is simply floating through virtual space, waiting to be read by anyone with access to them.


You may be surprised to learn that Google and other providers scan every one of your emails for keywords to show you targeted ads later on.


Three Common Ways Thieves Steal Information

However, seeing advertisements for new sandals for the next month because you emailed your mom about her vacation last week isn’t the worst consequence of an unsecured email account. Hackers and cybercriminals employ various approaches to obtain as much information as possible through your company’s email.

#1. Phishing

The first method, which most of us have heard of, is “phishing.” In short, the criminal behind a phishing attack does everything possible to trick or convince the victim into disclosing sensitive information. They accomplish this by redirecting users to fake websites that immediately collect their credentials or simply pressuring the victim into sending sensitive information to another email address that the attacker secretly controls.


#2. Spam

“Spamming” is another scheme that many businesses are familiar with. We all despise spam, and many of us go out of our way not to open our spam folders if we don’t have to. However, for corporations with hundreds or even thousands of employees all using linked business emails, spam can cause a problem that cannot be swept away to the spam folder.


A good chunk of spam is designed to clog your company’s inbox as much as possible, steal IP address space, or even make it out of the spam folder and directly to employees by spoofing domains that appear legitimate and avoiding spam detectors. When one of your team associates clicks on a single authentic-looking link, we’re back in the phishing scenario described above.


#3. Fraud and Interception

Although there are many other ways to steal sensitive information from business emails, including ransomware, malware, account takeovers, and fraud, the final significant method we’ll discuss here is “email interception.”

Attackers can intercept emails and gain access to the data contained within them. One method they employ is on-path attacks in which they impersonate both sides of the conversation. Because intercepting in-transit emails over the internet is (fortunately) extremely difficult, the most common process is to monitor network data packets on wireless local area networks (LANs).


It’s Now Time to Upgrade

It should be clear by now why every company needs to provide excellent email security. Otherwise, they are constantly vulnerable, exacerbated by the number of employees, clients, and customers they have (more emails = higher risk of attack).


Eujim Solutions understands the challenges that businesses face when it comes to email security. As a result, we’ve dedicated time and resources to improving our customers’ already highly secure business email. We train our clients on a few activities they must pursue to protect emails from online infiltrators.

What Every Company Should Know About Email Security

Forever Close the Door to Attackers

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, there has never been a better time for business email providers to step up and provide better email security than ever before. This was the driving force behind Eujim Solution’s most recent update and awareness campaign. With the addition of a training and awareness program, our customers can enjoy an even more secure business email, making you and everyone else at work feel truly safe.

When it comes to email security, an impenetrable defense is the best (and often the only) offense. Don’t leave the door to your company’s “secure” emails open by accident; you never know who is trying to sneak in, steal information, or cause as much damage as possible.




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